The integrated SMART system for the capture

of micro-particles spread in the air

Fine Particles: PM10 / PM2,5

PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 are particulates and fine dust present in the air: they are one of the main causes of some common diseases significantly increasing.

The respiratory and cardiocirculatory diseases, in particular, are likely to become very serious, and the policies to contain the polluting emissions, which are fundamental in the future, are not yet achieving the desired results.

Heating systems in general, motor vehicles and biomass combustion have produced a rapid increase in the concentration of PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.

And in the meantime? We are forced to breathe the fine dust every time we walk in the city, we wait for a bus, we go shopping or we bring a child outside to play.

PM Capturer faces the problem of PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 in an immediate and effective way

PM Capturer is able to contain 99% of the particulate matter and fine dust present in the air we breathe, and can give us, our friends, our children a better quality of air.

Our health is important, always and at once. For this reason IDRECO / SPRAYTECS developed a product that is intended to make the environment healthier, where the high concentration of PM is no longer a problem.

The PM Capturer systems create Smart Areas in our cities: areas where the concentrations of fine dust and particulates are significantly reduced to the benefit of everyone’s health.

The creation of SMART AREA

In our smart areas the quality of air becomes quality of life 

Operation of the PM Capturer

Interactive Design

The modularity and versatility of the PM Capturer design make it integrable in any architectural context.


In addition to the abatement of PM10 and PM2.5, additional accessories are also available for specific treatments (anti-odor, sterilization in line with UV-C, others) and for the measurement in real time of the concentration value of the particulates.


Each PM Capturer is sized based on specific design requirements, with clean air volumes that can range from a few hundred to tens of thousands 

of m3 / h.

“ATAWAD” management

The operation and management of PM Capturer can be set manually locally or fully automated. It can also be implemented according to the ATAWADAny Time, Any Where, Any Device.

SMART system

PM Capturer networks are developed according to a SMART logic

SpecificPM Capturer network systems are designed and built specifically for the environment in which they are intended to be installed and to operate.
MeasurableThe effectiveness of PM Capturer systems can be verified with standardized and objective measures made with accessory equipment available.

Dedicated modeling: it is possible to estimate the effects of PM Capturer system in a certain environment.


PM Capturer has been developed and verified in cooperation with public authorities and Universities. The experimentation phase continues under the logic of the «continuous improvement”.

Time based

The effects of using the PM Capturer system are immediately apparent, and its operation may be limited to the actual days of real and more severe need.

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